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Material in the website of the law office of Thomas A. McCormack is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice and should not be read or used as such. Transmitting this information is not intended to create, and receiving it does not create, an attorney-client relationship between Mr. McCormack and any person using this website. The law office does not represent that this website will be updated when legal developments substantially alter the accuracy of information presented on this site. The law office does not represent that the content of this website provides information about any state other than Ohio. Do not rely on any information on this site and its weblog without the advice of an attorney.

Internet communication through this website using the e-mail address listed on this site or by other means does not create an attorney-client relationship. Responses are for informational purposes only. Thomas A. McCormack does not enter into representation of a client until a Representation Agreement is signed by a prospective client.

The website of the law office of Thomas A. McCormack may provide links to other websites. They are provided solely for the convenience of users. These links are not intended to approve, endorse or sponsor the content appearing on other websites. The office does not warrant that the content of third-party sites is accurate or updated and specifically disclaims responsibility for the information, opinions, services and products on third-party websites.

All written material on the website of the law office of Thomas A. McCormack was created by the office and is maintained on a remote server. Any use of the content of this site, other than personal use, is prohibited. Republication, reproduction, redistribution or transmission of material on the website is prohibited without prior permission of Thomas A. McCormack.

With the ‘Turning Points’ blog, Thomas A. McCormack provides a forum to consider current ideas about and practices regarding family and children’s issues, in and beyond the law. It is not intended to advance the interests of any particular point of view or political organization. Readers who wish to respond to a blog post may do so using the e-mail address provided on the blog page referencing the title of the post. In doing so, you agree to represent yourself accurately and to the extent that you include personally identifiable information in a response, we may republish such information as part of the content of the blog. When publicly displaying or reproducing copies of your content incorporated into the blog, we will make best efforts to credit your authorship. You grant Thomas A. McCormack permission to use your name for such attribution purposes unless you specifically request anonymity. The comments and opinions expressed by users of this blog and quoted in later blog posts are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of Thomas A. McCormack.

All original blog content authored and posted by Thomas A. McCormack is submitted under the terms of an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Public License. This license permits anyone to copy, distribute, display and perform such content, royalty-free, on the condition that they credit the authorship of Thomas A. McCormack each time they do so. Derivative works of this blog content may also be distributed but only if under the same Attribution-ShareAlike license that governs original content.

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