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Privacy Policy

Thomas A. McCormack does not currently collect personal identifying information except

  1. information that you provide information to Thomas A. McCormack in the form of an e-mail;
  2. to the extent that your web browser provides information, such as an e-mail address, to our web server; and
  3. to the extent that you provide information to Thomas A. McCormack in a search request.

Thomas A. McCormack will use information you provide exclusively for the specific purpose for which you submitted the information. While Thomas A. McCormack may respond to email inquiries, the act of responding does not create an attorney-client relationship absent the execution of a representation agreement. However, all such inquiries will be treated as confidential, provided however, that an unattributed summary of the question and answer may be discussed online. To the extent possible, permission will be sought before such use of an inquiry is made.

The law office may use information obtained from this website in aggregated form in order to gauge the popularity and usefulness of any or all website pages or of certain links from and to this site. In special circumstances, the law may require that the law office of Thomas A. McCormack disclose this information to federal, state or local authorities and agencies.

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